Getting to Kericho

Since it’s located along the Nakuru- Kisumu highway, Kericho can be accessed using various public and private transportation means. The most convenient and cost friendly way is using Matatus (Shuttle vans). North rift shuttles from Nairobi to Kericho are the most popular and they run once or twice daily to Kericho with the journey taking approximately 4 hours.

Visitors can also board the Easy Coach buses that operate two buses daily to Kericho. Prices for both the bus and the matatus ranges between $9 -$20 depending on how comfy you want to travel. Buses take about 6 hours to get there.

Alternative you can opt to drive yourself by renting a car and the journey will take less time, about 3 hours and 45 minutes tops. A common mid-range car like Toyota will consume fuel of about £19 GBP. You can also opt to fly direct to Kisumu and take a taxi or matatu to Kericho which normally takes 50 minutes to get there.

Distances from Neighboring towns and cities;

From Nairobi – Kericho 266km,

From Naivasha – Kericho 137km

From Nakuru – Kericho 110km

From Kisumu – Kericho 83km

From Kisii – Kericho 98km

From Kakamega – Kericho 136km,

From Eldoret – Kericho 164km

How to Get Around Kericho

You can get around very Kericho easily. If you want to drive yourself around or be driven, cars are readily available for hire and taxis are all over Kericho and sub-towns around. Most tour companies, lodges, and hotels within Kericho can organize local excursions. Matatus also offer convenient and express services between the major suburbs and towns in Kericho.


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