Nestled within the western highlands of Kenya, the slopes in and around Kericho have long been Kenya’s richest tea growing area. Located about 250km from Nairobi city center, Kericho has a characteristically warm and temperate climate making it an ideal location for agriculture especially tea farming. Fresh cut flowers are also grown in large plantations and while combined with tea plantations the sceneries around the country become magical.


Kericho County covers approximately 2,490km2 and its capital headquarters is Kericho town, the ever charming colonial town reminiscent of the British Hill Stations of India. The county is strategically tucked in along Western Kenya’s tourism circuit with access to Lake Victoria, the Maasai Mara National Reserve, and Ruma National Park.  Kericho has also has produced some of the best long distance runners in athletic history like Nicholas Kemboi who have won numerous medals for the country.


Kericho is also home to the largest place of worship for Sikhs in Africa (Sikh Gurudwara) and also the second largest Catholic Cathedral in Kenya. Gurdwara Sahib is built on the site of the home and workshop of Kericho Wagon Works founder Santa Baba Puran Singh Ji of Kericho. The site is currently a place of worship for the Sikh community and a museum gazetted by the Government of Kenya as a place of spiritual significance. Kipsigis people who are part of the Kalenjin community are the indigenous of Kericho County.




  • Kericho hosts the second largest Catholic Cathedral in Kenya and is also home to the largest place of worship for Sikhs in Africa (Sikh Gurudwara)
  • Dubbed as Kenya’s richest tea growing area with the largest tea plantations in the country, Kericho is absolutely the epitome of Agro-tourism in East Africa.
  • The Mau Forest Complex which is Kenya’s largest water catchment area is set up in Kericho County.
  • Chagaik Botanical Garden, Mau forest and Chebulu Conservancy are among the major tourist attractions in Kericho County.
  • Kericho is the best access point for Lake Victoria, the Maasai Mara National Reserve and Ruma National Park, all which are in the Western Kenya Circuit.
  • The first indigenous military pilot in the Kenya Air Force, Mr. Hannington Apudo Hails from Kericho.
  • Wilson Chuma Kiprugut the first Kenyan ever to win an Olympic medal and the 2010 World Sports Personality of the Year, hails from Kericho.
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