How to Get There

Since it’s bounded by some of the most developed counties in Kenya like Nairobi, Machakos, Nakuru, and Kiambu; getting to Kajiado and most of its tows is very easy. The Nairobi-Arusha road which cuts through Kajiado is the main route for the county. The road turns right off the Nairobi-Mombasa highway just after the southern edge of the Nairobi National Park.

If you traveling from Nairobi, the easiest and the cheapest way is to board a matatu (shuttle vans). Matatus and buses to Kajiado are normally found at the Nairobi Railways station. Matatus number 110 goes to Kitengela, 126 to Kiserian and 129 to Rongai, while 129 goes to Namanga through Kajiado town. You can also find one at the junction of River Road and Ronald gala road.

If you are from Mombasa, access is mainly through Tsavo West National Park via Kimana (Olkelunyiet) Gate. If you are in a hurry and you would like to get there by air, Amboseli National Park has a single airstrip for light aircraft located at Empusel gate, Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge and Namanga town.

How to Get Around Kajiado

The best means of getting around in Kajiado especially if are in a hurry is to hire a car or bring your own. Most lodges and hotels within Kajiado can organize local excursions. Matatus also offer convenient and express services between the major suburbs and towns in Kajiado. If you opt to driving yourself, be warned that someone of the roads across the county might be sometimes rough, crowded, dusty or tarmacked.

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