Getting there by Road

It is very easy to travel across Riftvalley as a round-trip from Nairobi. Even out of the country one can get to Riftvalley by using a coach or a bus, probably all the way from South Africa, via Tanzania, as well as from Kampala (Uganda) or Kigali (Rwanda). However, most travelers prefer, to take a flight to Kenya and start their adventure from a central point like Nairobi. From here, the exploration becomes easier as buses and matatus are plenty and just about everywhere from all neighborhoods including Nairobi. From Nairobi, it takes about 2 hours to get the closest town in the Rift valley, Naivasha.

Getting to Rift Valley  by Air

Kenya Airways operates one of the best and most extensive flight services in and out of Kenya, with regular flights to most of the continent’s major capitals. Nairobi and Mombasa are the major regional transit and entry points for those entering the country.

Getting Around the Rift Valley

Getting around the region is pretty straightforward with most cities and towns linked by a good road network. Whether you choose to crisscross each county by bus/matatus or hire a car the possibilities are limitless.

Most of the towns and cities are accessible by local bus, though it’s absolutely necessary to arrange private transport to reach national parks and lodges. If you’re an experienced driver in African conditions, hiring a sturdy vehicle can also open up relatively inaccessible corners of the country; if you don’t fancy driving yourself, hiring a vehicle with a driver rarely costs a lot more.

Getting around Rift Valley by Matatus & Buses

Buses & Matatus are operated by private owners managed by saccos some of which include wifi access. You can take any bus or matatu marked with the PSV from any town or city in Kenya. This is the cheapest & the most convenient way of getting around the vast region.  Buses and the matatus are normally labeled with set routes throughout which they pass through including the final destinations.


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