Covering a whopping 11,015km2 of Kenyan landmass, Baringo County is home to one of the most popular and the second largest lake in the Rift valley, Lake Baringo. This region is, however, a bit dense in terms of the population with a little over half a million Kenyan citizens living in this region.  The powerful combination of dramatic escarpments, meandering hills, waterfalls, cliffs valleys and beautiful gorges makes Baringo a top choice for the most discerning traveler who happens to be exploring Kenya.

Baringo’s economic activities are most agricultural based with common food crops and major livestock being at the center stage of this endeavor. From the dramatic hills of Tugen to the unexploited valleys of Kerio, a trip to Baringo is definitely unforgettable. Being richly endowed beautiful lakes and game reserves, guests are likely to see Elephants, Buffaloes, Crocodile, Hippos and over 450 different species of birds.

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