About Wajir County

Tucked away in Kenya’s North Eastern region lies one of Kenya’s hidden treasures, virgin land, a spring of wealth known only to those who have been lost in the beauty of its sunset as it sets by Lake Yahud and listened to the birdsongs and whistle beckoning you to submerge yourself in the magnificent play of the sun’s rays as it sets in the horizon. For those who have savoured the rich taste of goat meat cut from goats that graze its vast grasslands. This is Wajir, a land of rich resources, beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife and irrepressible people.

Wajir is a Borana word that means coming together, bequeathed to this part of the country because of the different clans and pastoral communities that used to congregate in areas around Wajir town to water their animals from the abundant and dependable shallow wells that characterize the general land geomorphology.



  • The economy of Wajir is centred on pastoralism, organized in herding groups called rers, each consisting of between 5 and 20 households.
  • There are no game reserves or game parks in the county. However, the KWS is ensuring safety and protection of the wildlife in their current habitation outside any protected area.
  • Tourist attraction features include Wajir museum, Wagalla massacre site, Orahey wells, British and the fascinating Italian war bunkers as well as the old courthouse.




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