About Mandera

Mandera covers approximately 25,797.70 km2 most of which is covered with a sandy terrain. Being at the northern part of Kenya rainfall is scanty and unpredictable with an average of 255mm. The region also experiences very hot temperature of about 28.30C which can at times get to highs of 370c. Travelling to Mandera is not for the faint at heart & requires very light packing.

The population of the county is over 1,025,756 with 55% being men. Nomadic pastoralism is the major economic activity in the in the county with camels, goats, sheep & cattle being the main livestock reared. The region vast pasture land has allowed this activity to be viable.

The main water sources in the region are river Daua, a number of shallow wells and few major earth pans. The region has small scale agriculture production with small scale horticulture producers supplying Mangoes, pawpaw, onions, kales and Banana to the local market.


  • Turkwel Lodge, Jabane hotel, Nomads Trail Hotel and Jirime Hotel and Resort are some of the finest hospitality establishments to unwind.
  • Pastoralism is the main economic activity with camels, goats and cattle as the main type of livestock reared.
  • Quarry mining is a major activity in the Mandera. Most youths are employed in this sector and is a great resource for the locals.
  • Wells, earth pans and River Daua are the sources of water the region. The local people, cattle and farms rely on this water every day include the few irrigation farming projects in the County.
  • Mandera has fascinating tourist attractions such as Malka Mari Fort & National Park which is not too far away from the town.
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