About Northern Kenya

Originally known as the Northern Frontier District, the Northern Kenyan region was carved out of the Jubaland region in present-day southern Somalia back in 1925. It remains the most remote part of the country with a vast wilderness teeming with rustic volcanic cinder fields, rich cultural heritage & rare tracks of Wildlife.

Covering an area of 127,358.5km2, the Northern Kenya is far from being directly proportional to its population as its only home a little over 2 Million residents. Majority of people living in this area are of Somali origin and before the creation of the country, boundaries pastoralists roamed the area freely. As an initiative to improve its offerings, the Kenya Tourist Board is quickly turning its attention to this remote yet well-endowed tourism circuit.

The wildlife in the north is relatively sparse but very striking even from afar. Tourists, explorers, and photographers usually visit the region to spot the rare Grevy’s zebra and strikingly marked reticulated giraffe. In protected areas like the Namunyak Conservancy and Marsabit National Park, elephants, big cats, and even wild dogs can be seen if you are lucky enough.

Highlights in Northern Kenya

  1. The Northern region has the least number of counties in Kenya. Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera make up this large uncharted terrain which for a long time have been underdeveloped.
  2. Popular attractions in this region include Wajir Museum, Marsabit National Reserve, and Sibiloi National Park.
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