How to Get Around Nairobi

Understanding Nairobi starts with knowing that Nairobi CBD is bounded by Uhuru Highway to the west, Nairobi River to the north and east and the railway to the south.

Walking around especially for the foreigners is only advisable during the day and it’s actually very straightforward. It is very important to note that traffic in Nairobi is very bad especially in the Morning when people are heading to work and in the evening hours but most taxi drivers usually understand this and will take a less busy route.

Major hotels, business centers, and government offices are centered inside of three borders: Uhuru Highway to the west, what used to be the old United States Embassy building to the south, and the Nairobi River to the northeast. You can easily get through the day in Nairobi with $100 to $200 for moderate services including accommodation, meals & laundry.

Getting around Nairobi by Matatus & Buses

 Buses & Matatus are operated by independent organizations some which include wifi access. You can take any bus or matatu marked with the PSV sign for a small fee. This is the cheapest & the most convenient way of getting around the city. buses and the matatus are normally numbered and operate within set routes throughout the city and can be boarded at any stop depending on where you are going. If your wish is to travel to a local then this is the best way to have a local experience.

Getting around Nairobi by Taxi & Car Hires

Popular brands such as Taxify, Little Cabs and Uber are increasingly more popular in Nairobi. Hiring a car in Nairobi is convenient as it allows you the freedom to explore Nairobi at your own pace. If you need to arrive somewhere very fast, download the Uber app, request a cab and a car will be available to you with a blink of an eye. Taxis are available in all parts of the city. From a restaurant or hotel, you can have them call the city taxi service. However, the best way to get around short inaccessible distances, other than walking, is by bodabodas.

Getting around Nairobi on Foot

Walking around Nairobi is the best way to have a local experience & navigate the city center. The distances are very short, and the streets and avenues are well labelled. You can also use your maps to get to different locations. Whether day or night, avoid carrying large amounts of cash for your own safety and your property. Pack lightly if you are taking a stroll around Nairobi town

Day Tours

Because of the number of sights to see, first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Guides offer walking tours, including visits to monuments, museums, and historic locations, as well as eating tours. Tour prices can be high, but you affordable rates from our by comparing different providers from our website.

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