Tharaka Nithi County is found in the semi-arid area of the Eastern region of Kenya, approximately 175 kilometres northeast of Nairobi. The County is on the foothills of Mount Kenya and is one of the smallest counties in Kenya, covering approximately 2,638.8 square kilometres.

Tharaka Nithi borders Meru County to the North, Kitui County to the East and South East and Embu County to the South. The name Tharaka Nithi is known to represent the two sub-dialects of the Ameru people who live in the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya.

Tharaka Nithi was created after Meru District “Greater Meru” was split up in 1992 into four districts namely: Meru Central, Meru North, Meru South (Nithi) and Weru East (Tharaka) with later two being combined as one to form Tharaka-Nithi District. The headquarters of the County is at Kathwana, a site selected for its centrality through consensus by delegates being an intersection of three constituencies (Maara, Tharaka and Chuka/Igamba-ng’ombe). Kathwana is along the Mate Road Ena and Ishiara en route to Tunyai, Nkubu and Meru.



  • Tharaka Nithi has 3 elephant maternity locales at Gituri Kia Njimi in Gitombani and at the Gaketha region near Mitheru.
  • Tharaka-Nithi is the home to the Chuka, Muthambi, Mwimbi and Tharaka sections of Ameru who have fascinating cultures.


  • Of its 13 rivers, the 120 km long Kathita River is the most salient flowing from the tops of Mount Kenya before joining Tana River.


  • Tharaka Nithi has about 27 falls ranging from small falls to large falls like Ikwa and Kibuka which offer opportunities to adventure.


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