The County has a total road network of 3,203.5Km of which 453.8Kms is bitumen, 555.2Kms gravel, and 2,198.6Kms surface roads. The main roads in the county are Katumani-Wote-Makindu road, Masii-Mbumbuni road, Salama-Kikoko and Mombasa road. The bitumen roads are in fairly good condition but most of the gravel and surface roads are in a poor state which makes them impassable during rainy seasons.

The county is traversed by a railway line which covers 140 kms. Major railway stations are Makindu, Kibwezi, Mtito-Andei and Emali.

Makueni County also has one airstrip situated in Makindu and it is operational.


By Road

The distance from Nairobi to Mandera is 1,025.5 Km, approximately a 17 hour drive. Travellers will have to go past Wajir County and drive for another 5 hours in order to get to Mandera County.



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