Getting there By Road &  Air

The Eastern Kenya Provinces can be accessed mainly through its main sub-regions that are Embu & Meru or Machakos. If you are traveling through Embu or Meru, you can travel through Makutano – Mwea route, and access the county through Embu town. You may also use the Thika-Garissa highway and gain access through Kiritiri. The approximate distance from the city of Nairobi to Embu town is 130km while that of Nairobi to Meru Town is 250 km.

Matatus plying these routes are found at Tea-room station in Nairobi. Embu & Meru can also be accessed privately by air, using Embu airstrip & Mulika Lodge Airport. Similarly, if you are entering the region through Machakos, a drive along Mombasa road will lead you right into Machakos County. Getting across major town in Eastern Kenya is usually a breeze as most of them are well connected by stable road networks amid a few potholes here and there.

If you are heading toward Isiolo in the north of the Eastern region, the easiest route from Nairobi is through Nanyuki on a tarmac road to Isiolo, then a 22km marram road if you are heading to Buffalo Springs. Alternatively, Buffalo Springs Airstrip is used by scheduled flights from Nairobi each day linking the reserves to other tourism destinations.


All the regional towns are linked by a good road network with a steady stream of buses and matatus. Most of the roads are in good tarred condition with a few occasional potholes.

Self-driving is also a good option in this region; distances between the towns and sights are relatively short and there are plenty of places to stop for petrol, lunches or take a break. Driving around the region gives a good opportunity to enjoy the countryside, especially the unique scenic landscape and the mind-blowing cultural heritage.

How to Travel Around

  • Bus & Matatus – Operated by independent companies, buses, and matatus are the most affordable means of transport around the region.  You can take a matatu from a town within the region.
  • Taxi – Available in all parts of the region. From a homestay or hotel, you can have them call their partner taxis.
  • Car – Rental cars are easy to get. Once in the main cities like Nairobi, Machakos, Meru or any other you request the service of car rentals.
  • Boda-bodas – The best way to get around the most interior and inaccessible parts of a region.



Because of the number of sights to see, some first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Some things can be covered in depth, others are just useful for getting your bearings. Guides offer walking tours, including visits to National Parks, museums, and historic locations, as well as natural Landmarks.

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