Embu County, whose capital was the former Eastern province headquarters, is home to the native Aembu people. It is located about 130 kilometers North East of Nairobi and has been named Kirimari by the people of Embu, to mean top of the hill.


Embu County borders Kirinyaga County to the West, Murang’a County to the South West and Machakos County to the South. It occupies an area of 2818 square kilometers, it is divided into four constituencies namely Manyatta, Runyenjes, Mbeere North and Mbeere South which will form Sub-Counties. Interestingly, the town itself is located at the foot of Mount Kenya.


Highlights of Embu


Being a county that houses four of the hydroelectric power plants namely Kiambere, Gitaru, Kindaruma, and Masinga, it is a place to visit. In addition to this, the county has much more to offer such as;


  1. Mwea and Mt Kenya National Reserve – Home to wild game such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, baboons, bush bulks and the famous Columbus monkeys. It also shelters two other globally threatened rare species: the Pel’s fishing owl and the white-backed night heron.


  1. Mwenendega – This is where the people of Embu trace their story of creation from Mwenendega and his beautiful wife Ciurunji who were created by God and whose descendants populated the rest of Embu.


  1. The Seven Forks Falls – One of the best outdoor destinations that is fun for dating and married couples, families and school trips with indescribable sceneries.


  1. Mau Mau Caves – For the lovers of history, this is a national monument used as a hide-out by Kenyan Freedom Fighters during the Mau Mau war


  1. Waterfalls – There are several such as Nthenge Njeru waterfalls near Kirimiri.

These are just but a few of the numerous natural and man-made features that can be found in the beautiful county of Embu.

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