Kwale County has a total of 1,483.1Kms of classified roads of with 187.7Kms Bitumen surface, 425.2Kms gravel surface and 871.2Km of earth surface roads. An international trunk road traverses the county from Mombasa to Lunga Lunga on the Kenya – Tanzania border. On the northern side the Mombasa – Nairobi Highway virtually forms the boundary of Kwale and Kilifi 


Kwale County has four airstrips at Ukunda/Diani, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Msambweni and Kinango although only one is operational.


How to get there

You can access Diani Beach through a number of ways. All flights to Diani arrive at Ukunda Airport, a relatively small airport with only one airstrip. Guests in Masai Mara who wish to experience a relaxing holiday in Diani can easily do so by taking Mombasa Air Safari for a direct flight to Diani Ukunda Airport.

You can also consider taking connecting flights from Nairobi to Diani Ukunda Airport. The airport is well served by four main airline operators including Jambojet, Safarilink and Air Kenya (from Wilson Airport). The airport is about a five-minute drive on a murram road to the main Diani Beach road.

Alternatively, you could fly to Mombasa from Nairobi on Kenya Airways. Upon arrival in Mombasa, you will need a transfer to Diani via the Likoni Ferry. A ferry ride is only five-seven minutes from Mombasa Island to the South Coast, but the queue to get on the ferry can result in more than an hour wait. The Kenya Ferry Service does not charge people using the ferry. However, motor vehicles are charged. The drive from getting off the ferry to Diani is roughly about forty minutes on a relatively good tarmac road.

For travellers using public means, you can grab a bus along Accra road; they include mash cool, coast air, modern coast, and buscar. They will get you to Mombasa and from there you will use the ferry to get to Kwale County.