Murang’ a County is one of the five counties in the Central region of the Republic of Kenya. It is bordered to the North by Nyeri, to the South by Kiambu, to the West by Nyandarua and to the East by Kirinyaga, Embu and Machakos counties. The county occupies a total area of 2,558.8Km2.

Lying approximately 85 kilometres northeast of Nairobi, the county covers 2,558 square kilometres. The current day Murang’ a was once known as Forthall. Murang’ a County borders Nyandarua to the west, Embu to the east, Nyeri to the north Kiambu to the south and Machakos and Kirinyaga counties to the southeast and the northeast respectively.

The origin of the name Murang’ a is believed to have been used by the Kikuyu people who referred to going for a visit in the area as ‘Kurang’ a‘ and later changed to Murang’ a.




  • Some of the notable personalities who hail from Murang’a County include multiparty activist Kenneth Matiba, John Michuki, popular musicians Joseph Kamaru and the youthful Stella Kimathi aka STL.


  • Tea farming is central to the agriculture of Muranga, and drinking tea is second nature for the people of Kikuyuland.


  • Ancient Kikuyu traditions holds the Mugumo tree as sacred. It’s thought that spirits – especially of ancestors – live in these trees.


  • The topography of Muranga is a challenge for civil engineers but every driver’s dream.  Muranga is the land of scenic winding roads



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