Considered as one of the wealthiest counties, the name Kiambu, is derived from the Agikuyu clan called Mbari ya mbuu. This clan inhabited the area neighboring today’s Kiambu town. Known dearly as kia mbuu, to mean place of drizzles in reference to the many showers locals constantly experienced.


The traditional mbari ya mbuu clan is claimed to have taken over Kiambu land from the Wandorobo Tribe who are believed to be the original inhabitants of the County. The Agikuyu people, speaking the rich Kikuyu language, henceforth acquired majority of land in the county living peacefully with small groups from other ethnicity.


With little known up to the year 1895, Kiambu began experiencing notable developments in real estate and infrastructure in 1890 when missionaries and traders would frequently pass through the town. Not long after, the Crown Lands Ordinance was set in 1902 to give rights to settler farmers.


The Gikuyu tribe is the dominant community inhabiting Kiambu with most of their economic activities being farming & small-scale businesses. Most people here grow tea and coffee maize, assorted vegetables and sweet potatoes among other produce – as cash crops.

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