Getting there

Central Kenya is well connected to major town and cities within the country. The road network is also very good both self-drive as well as public transportation. The route around Mount Kenya is now a tourist circuit, conveniently formed by the most breathtaking landscapes, modern hotels & lodges, the mountain itself and the nearby game parks,

If you are driving from Nairobi the main Nairobi-Embu highway heads north, firstly along the Thika super-highway through the outskirts of the city to Thika town, a distance of 42 km. It then continues northwards through the lush, verdant countryside. You will soon be welcomed by pineapple country and many hectares are taken up with pineapple plantations. From here, there are a number of routes to choose from based on your town destination.

If you prefer public transport, the major towns are linked with a steady stream of matatus (shuttle buses) and long-distance buses that operate services to and from Nairobi. There are also bus and matatu links across the country from Naivasha and Nakuru if you are approaching the region from the Rift Valley.

Getting Around

Getting around the region is very easy even for solo travelers. Most of the towns are connected by a nice road network with Matatus servicing each one of them.

If you are in a bit of a hurry, domestic flights are the quickest & the easiest way to get to and around your destination but on the other hand, road travel tends to be a lot cheaper, and it allows you to see far more of the countryside, which is often spectacularly scenic.

Public transport, especially by road, tends to be a bit slow and it does not serve the internal road circuit of most national parks or other reserves.


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