All eateries are unique in their own way, but there are others that are more exceptional than others. Therefore, if you are looking to have an unusual dining experience in Kenya, here is a list of a few restaurants you should look for.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Diani

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant | ©EveryActions

Located in Diani Beach, is an ancient coral cave that has been transformed into a restaurant. The cave is 10 meters below the ground and has an open roof, which makes it possible to stare at the skies or even the stars, depending on the time of the day. Its setting is so authentic such that the only light here comes candles.

Their menu is quite retro which also contributes to its uniqueness as that cannot be found in many restaurants. This can make it a bit dark for the diners, but it also creates a beautiful atmosphere that is thrilling. Meals served here include seafood, local cuisine, European as well as international food. It is open from 7 am every day. Prices, however, are on the higher side compared to other eateries so you better have your pockets ready before heading here. Also, to get a good table, it is advisable to book in advance.

Nook Café


Nook Cafe

©Nook Cafe

Going by its name, this café is located in a small nook in Akamba Court, Hurlingham. The place is so small that only 24 people can fit at a go. What makes this café even more interesting is that it supports young people who are starting in the hospitality industry. Therefore, if you decide to go over there for brunch, a part of your bill will go to fund the trainees. Moreover, their meals are prepared from organic products only as an effort to promote healthy living.

Nook café does not open on a daily basis. This means that you cannot pop in any time you want. So as not to be disappointed, you are advised to check their FaceBook page prior to making the visit to ensure they will be open. It also encourages people to be adventurous since the menu keeps changing; one day could be Chinese bao while the next could be Mexican tacos. So be sure to go there with an open mind!

Moorings Floating Restaurant


The Moorings Rrestaurant, Mtwapa Malindi

©Vacation King

Established in 1994, the Moorings Restaurant is one of the most exciting places to visit while at the coast. Its uniqueness… it floats! That’s right, the whole restaurant is cleverly designed to glide over & float still along the Mtwapa Creek along the shores of the Indian Ocean. The moment you step on that platform and feel it move slightly from the pressure of the patrons’ weight and movement, you will definitely grin.

It’s so surreal yet so exciting, and you haven’t even ordered some food and drinks. In addition to the amazing selection of seafood dishes from their menu, the moorings also offer a wide selection of interesting pizzas and other delicious that will leave you licking your fingers.

While there are very few places down at the coast of Kenya where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, the Moorings tops the list. And the best part; in the late evening hours, you can hire a boat and go for a ride either towards the ocean or up the creek where the calmer waters give perfect reflections as the golden sun goes down.

Wasp & Sprout

Wasp & Sprout NairobiLocated at the Old Loresho Shopping Centre in Loresho Ridge, Wasp & Sprout, the joint offers delicious affordable meals in a wonderful setting. But their biggest trump card is that you can shop for uniquely crafted stuff like cushions and Artwork once you have enjoyed your meals. ​As a family-run venture, Wasp & Sprout supports the concepts of fair trade and environmental friendliness, therefore, empowering local artisans by training, mentoring and supporting their crafts through African lifestyle products.

The Carnivore Restaurant


The Carnivore Restaurant Kenya

Carnivore Restaurant Nairobi/ Twitter

The Carnivore is the epitome of Kenya’s epic parties, legendary concerts and most importantly the famous Nyama Choma (roast meat/barbecue). So much so that it has been considered to be ‘Africa’s Greatest Eating Experience’ more times than you can count.

There are two sides to the carnivore; the relaxed Simba Saloon where you can order, eat and enjoy the ambiance and the second side which is so full of action, you will be given a small white flag when the waiters start coming to your table. The meat that is served is cut off onto your plate from huge swords and the waiters keep coming around until you lower your flag and “surrender”.

In the early days, the Carnivore was known for serving the best game meat in East Africa. They no longer do this, nowadays only the normal chicken, pork, to beef and lamb plus a few exotic types of meat are served. However, it is still a visually spectacular experience watching the meat being prepared and an even greater experience enjoying the meal.

The Trout-Tree Restaurant


The Trout Tree Restaurant Nanyuki

The Trout Tree Restaurant by Alex Olesia | Underatree Blog

The Trout-Tree Restaurant is located about 100 meters off the main Kiganjo-Nanyuki Road by the Burguret River. The restaurant grows in the TamTrout fish farm (across from the Mountain Rock Hotel), a 2.5 hours journey from Nairobi City center and just 18 minutes from Nanyuki town.

Built-in and around a huge Mugumo (Sacred Fig) tree, the Trout-Tree Restaurant serves char-grilled trout as fresh as it gets… right over the trout ponds. Two troops of Colobus monkeys are resident at the farm and the sound of constantly rushing water from the fish ponds under the restaurant further complement the meal – a full sensory feast.

With seating for 60 in cool arboreal splendor, the restaurant offers a three-course meal of home-baked bread, a selection of starters including farm-smoked trout and trout chowder soup; a choice of trout, beef or vegetarian main course with vegetables, served on a mahogany platter, together with a crisp green salad, followed by mountain of fruit salad and tea or coffee. They use only eco-friendly “Chardust” briquettes tol grill your food.

Yul’s Restaurant


Yul’s Restaurant is located on Malindi Road in Mombasa. If you are a picky eater or even choosy in general, then you will definitely love this restaurant. Yul’s Restaurant gives you your own space to cook your meat in their hot stone the way you would want it. Their ice cream is said to be among the best in Mombasa. Next time you are in Mombasa, be sure to grab a scoop there.

Additional things to do while here include swimming, water sports, riding ATV motorbikes, boat rides as well as ball games by the beach. Kids between the ages of 5 and 11 will particularly enjoy this sport. There is also a boutique where you can shop for souvenirs or some fashionable clothes, swimwear and jewelry.