Dive in and explore the Kaimosi Forest, unearth the intriguing caves of Mungoma, hike the Maragoli Hills or just feed your curious mind with some interesting facts about the famous 'Jesus footprint'.

About 30 km from Kisumu lies the populous county of Vihiga.  It is in the heart of the tropics, astride the equator, yet the climate over most of Vihiga, thanks to the altitude, is unusually pleasant.  Among the variety of attractions in Vihiga are of course its massive granite rocks and formations; the name Vihiga itself denoting a ‘rock’ and rocks are the signature of the County.

A trip to its beautiful hills and valleys (with streams flowing from Northwest to Southwest and draining into Lake Victoria) for the more energetic trippers is an unforgettable experience and offers superb viewing of the torrid plain below Vihiga with views of Lake Victoria in the distant background. Touring in Vihiga is supported by an impressive network of roads and hotels.

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