From cultural escapades at the Nabongo culture, picnics at Muliro gardens to nature trails at Kakamega forest, the County of Kakamega is a slice of tropical paradise.

Home to the second-largest tribe in Kenya, the Luhya, it is easy to understand why Kakamega is the second-most populous county after Nairobi.  Kakamega has located about 50 km from Kisumu and it makes a perfect haven for nature lovers who actually spend a couple of days trolling & relaxing in the Kakamega Forest National Reserve.

Exhibiting a high level of endemism in both flora and fauna, this gorgeous attraction is said to be home to more than 400 butterflies’ species, over 300 species of birds and 27 different snake species.

Visit the intriguing Crying Stone of Ilesi, a 40 meters high rock formation resembling a human figure stands tall in Kakamega just 3km from town along Kisumu highway. From culture at the Nabongo culture to short picnic at Muliro gardens, there just so much to do in this county.

The main economic activity here is farming and fishing.

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