Although farming is the major economic activity in Bungoma, the destination hosts some the most important attractions & cultural experiences in Kenya like Mt. Elgon National Park, rare rock formations at Sang'alo hills and the famous biennial circumcision ceremony.

Bordered by Uganda to the Western side, Bungoma is home to the famous Nabuloye falls along River Nzoia in Webuye sub-county.  These are a true gem to Bungoma county as to explorers and visitors flock to the site to enjoy the picturesque as well watch the powerful tides of water cascade down from a height of over 7 meters to the rocks below.

Bungoma County carries a lot of untapped beauty and scenic attractions such as the Mt. Elgon.  At 4,321m, the extinct volcano of Mt. Elgon is Kenya’s second-highest mountain, after Mount Kenya.  In addition, the Bungoma area which presents an undulating plateau surface is occasionally interrupted by distinct outcrops and numerous roof pendants predominant in the southern parts of its township, on the way to Mumias; most notably the Sang’alo Rocks.

Bungoma County lies within the Lake Victoria Basin, rising from 1,200 metres in the west and southwest to over 4,000 metres to the North towards Mt. Elgon.  Farming predominates in Bungoma County with good and well-developed soils in Webuye and Kimilili.

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