Nandi is a place of unspoiled culture, breathtaking landscapes and famously known as the source of Champions. The distinctive and scenic Nandi hills and thriving tea estates characteristically represent a unique set of this county.

Situated in the North Rift of Kenya, Nandi County is home to the world’s celebrated athletes including world record-breakers such as Pamela Jelimo and the legend himself Kipchoge Keino. Nandi County is also renowned for its thriving tea estates, endowed with beautiful topography that mainly consists of the scenic Nandi Hills.

The county has unique attractions fancied by tourists including the Kingwai swamp, Koitalel Arap Samoei Museum, Bonjoge game reserve which is home to wildlife such as monkeys, leopards, and snakes. The beauty in Nandi County is undeniable.


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