The beauty of Baringo and her surrounds is absolutely stunning — wonderful sunsets, rugged terrains, a dazzling array of colorful birdlife and Njemps fishermen.

Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo Flamingoes; ©Vlapaev | Getty Images

Situated about 300km from Nairobi city and 130km from Nakuru town, the journey to Baringo County is not for the faint at heart. The pain & sweat are however forgotten once you start exploring the rich cultural & magnificent attraction sites from this remote part of the Rift Valley.

You get to marvel at the beautiful sight of the pink flamingos feeding on algae, the superb scenery of bluish hills populated with dry bush, grasslands and riverine forests and spend some time at Kampi ya Samaki, on Lake Baringo’s shore. With over 460 species of birds including Hemprich’s hornbills, nightjars & Goliath herons, your bird watching experience doesn’t get any better than this.

Further, 60km apart is Lake Bogoria whose scenery and landscape is so spectacular that their effect is almost narcotic. Another bird sanctuary dotted with amazing flora and fauna. But her main highlight is at the hot springs where you can boil eggs and corn while using the natural spa for skin therapy.

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