Garissa County

A rare combination unexploited world of rich cultural heritage and sizeable wildlife population right in the middle of the desert.

With a promise of great jungle adventures, Garissa County is on the verge of being exploited to offer tour packages that encompass camel-back expeditions and camping activities.

The county’s top attraction include: Bour- Algy Giraffe Sanctuary; a Sanctuary for host internally displace giraffe that had been affected by the Kenya/Somali border skirmishes, Arawale National Reserve home for the critically endangered Hirola population endemic wildlife, Boni-National-Reserve which represents some of the most varied of ecosystems and provide a refuge for endangered mammals like the elephant, Hirola and the wild dogs, Garissa animal market; an efficient production and market for livestock that is essential for sustaining pastoral livelihoods in the region.

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Top Things to Do
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