Originally known as Mbiri and later on as Fort Hall, Muranga, which is the most centrally sat area in Kikuyuland was the epicenter of many changes of the colonial era.

The land in Muranga County rises gradually from an altitude of 914 ms in the East to 3353 ms along the slopes of the Aberdare Range – where the rugged landscape composed of steep valleys punctuated by numerous hills, very often associated with Muranga, is most prevalent.  

The highest areas to the West have a deeply dissected topography and are well-drained by several rivers like Mathioya and Maragwa which flow eastwards to join the Tana River. The Kikuyu land is bounded by the four mountains – Mount Kenya (Kirinyaga), Ngong Hills (Kiri Mbiruiru), the Aberdares (Nyandarua), and Ol Donyo Sabuk (Kia Njahi). In August 1900, Francis Hall arrived in Muranga, in the company of a regiment of East African Rifles, and set base near present-day Muranga, then Fort Hall.

Most of these valleys in Muranga County have sparkling streams and rivers flowing in them – rising from the Aberdare Forest – and which provide both serenity and spectacular beauty. As you near Thika, the rugged hilly landscape evens out and rolls out into flatter plains.


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