Central, Kenya

Welcome to Kenya's central highlands, a place that beckons with glorious sights, unique tribal cultures, and natural wonders.

Central, Kenya 1Wander into the most coveted highlands of Central Kenya & discover a truly breathtaking African experience with rare spectacular landscapes, waterfalls & majestic mountain peaks.  Surrounded by charming villages, unexploited hidden gems, lush countryside, and rolling hills; the central highlands region is an exceptional phenomenon

Explore the Aberdare National Park – home to Africa’s iconic hotels; the Ark and the Treetops – as you catch sights of the abundant wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, black rhinos, spotted hyenas and bongo antelope.

Take a challenge and hike Mount Kenya, Africa’s second largest mountain as you uncover the intriguing history of Mau Mau Rebellion hideouts. Breathe in some fresh air and stand tall in the hills to admire the view of lush green terrains across the region.

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Places in Central, Kenya

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